Scaling Toward Your Goals

You have lofty goals, and Salesforce has deep capabilities, but merging the two can create headaches. 

Peak41’s proprietary process responds to your goals and implements fool-proof systems that save you time and make you money. 

Salesforce is gonna feel goooooooood…

Salesforce Consulting Partner to help your business Evaluate your Salesforce deficiencies

Discover Your Solutions

We examine your current systems to evaluate where improvements can occur. 

Utilizing and improving on your ideas, we examine best practices.

You can rely on Peak41’s deep experience to identify the solutions that will make your Salesforce life easier and more effective. 

  1. Discover or refine your Salesforce goals.

  2. Prioritize your needs.

  3. Plan and budget based on needs and priorities.

Salesforce Consulting Partner to help your business Implement Salesforce

Make the Magic Happen

You hire a Salesforce wizard, you’re bound to see a little magic. 

While you kick back and watch the show, we implement the systems we’ve helped you design so you can get the most ROI from Salesforce.

  1. Build a prototype

  2. Review prototype with you

  3. Update prototype

  4. Prototype complete upon your approval

  5. Complete Salesforce build

  6. Create users

Salesforce Consulting Partner to make your business Grow

Save Time, Earn More

You knew it was possible with Salesforce, but it always seemed so elusive and complex.

With systems in place, you’ll watch the growth in your organization occur. And of course, we continue to refine based around updated needs and wants. 

  1. Regular feedback meetings

  2. Assess and prioritize new new needs

  3. Review and approve updates

    1. Functionality

    2. Reports and Dashboards

    3. New processes and apps

  4. User maintenance

  5. Your sales and service improve and grow