Get the Most from Your Salesforce Investment

Salesforce is like an iceberg. No matter how well you’ve implemented, you’re still missing 90% of the power underneath.

Many companies struggle to realize the the potential of Salesforce and maximized their investment. You deserve more from your investment.

It’s our only goal to help you make back your investment, simplify and automate your systems, and scale as far as you want to go.

We help companies transfer from other CRMs, improve workflows, and even prepare to take on investment with the right data and dashboards.

Simplify the hard work, minimize your learning curve, and streamline your teams.

Image of an Iceberg to show how there is more power in salesforce beneath the surface
The Best System to help you with Salesforce

Who Peak41 Serves

Scaling businesses that want to maximize their output with minimal input

If there’s a shortcut to your success when it comes to Salesforce, you’ll find it at Peak41.

Our clients come to us with sales flow and pipeline issues, operational or data-based concerns, and support issues where they’ve been hammered by clients wishing for better.

We act as an external member of your team — the one you otherwise might not be able to afford.

Schedule a consultation with our friendly experts and see how easy it is to get the most out of Salesforce.

Here's to Your Success

Peak41 is passionate about utilizing Salesforce to solve complex business problems. We find great satisfaction in maximizing Salesforce to help make others’ jobs easier and business operations more efficient. 

We seek out and complete challenging assignments. Paying meticulous attention to detail while providing superior results and performance has helped us achieve our success. 

We’re certified in Salesforce with a desire and proven track record of growing our Salesforce skills and knowledge. We’re dedicated to the success of our clients by operating with integrity and efficiency.

People working together to get a sales prize at the top of stairs using Salesforce implementation

Our Team

Salesforce-certified. Client-approved. Friendly, responsive service. Exceeded expectations.

Amber Linton

Peak41 cofounder Amber Linton had multiple years working in accounting and business operations.

In addition to a successful business career, Amber is the mother to six children. Both have honed her organizational and planning skills.

She manages business growth and the day-to-day operations of Peak41.

Amber and Trent Linton, a certified Salesforce Consultant and partner

Trent Linton

Peak41 founder Trent Linton is a military veteran with more than 8 years experience in the Salesforce ecosystem. 

He has created, implemented, and supported multiple business solutions on the Salesforce platform. 

Together we are a certified Salesforce partner owned that is a woman- and veteran-owned business.