Education Advanced, Inc.

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Education Advanced, Inc.

EAI has more than tripled in size since hiring Peak41 to help it grow.

Peak41 worked with a new Chief Revenue Officer to understand current needs and lock in a vision for growth while transferring from another CRM to Salesforce.

Once onboard, Peak41 built out Salesforce from the ground up for contact setup, opportunity workflows, and general account structuring. Then we transferred data from their old CRM for a clean start.

To help achieve this education-tech company’s goals, Peak41 added all districts and schools to Salesforce and created a custom model to link schools to their school districts within the software. This gave EAI the ability to know how big their potential market was.

Using Salesforce they could easily track their interactions and progression of each potential client through the sales pipeline.

EAI used their smartly configured Salesforce data to quantify their growth through custom dashboards including historical sales data, bookings, quota, pipeline data, win rates, potential market, market share, and sales activity. This helped them secure a major investment partner to fuel additional growth.

Peak41 also worked with Business Operations to improve processes post-sale, including pushing information to Quickbooks for accounting, quotations, and invoicing.

Our work in Salesforce gave the back office the ability to more efficiently support the business and give Sales the peace of mind that customers were being invoiced in a timely and correct manner.

From the Client:

“Education Advanced has used Peak41 as a consultant for 4 straight years. During that time we’ve been through the process of adopting Salesforce, loading in our data, and customizing our instance, and have grown from 20 to 150 employees.

“Trent has been our company’s most valuable consultant and absolutely critical to our ability to maintain and manage this growth.

“No matter what stage your company is at, you can trust in Trent’s ability to bring your CRM along with you. We could not be more pleased with his work, friendship, and professionalism.”

Travis Prince
Chief Revenue Officer, Education Advanced

“Trent’s hard work, dedication, and insight has been much appreciated in assisting us in working with Salesforce. His experience and expertise has been an asset to assist us along the way in getting Salesforce where we need it to be to work for us. His willingness to jump on Zoom meetings and calls makes such a difference.  I appreciate him and look forward to continuing working together.”

Megan Reeves
Executive Director of Business Operations

School Improvement Network

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How We Did It:

Revenue modeling was a challenge for this education tech company, making it difficult to know how to reinvest in the company, hire, and solve day-to-day challenges. 

Peak41 worked closely with the VP of Sales to build out a process to predict company revenue on a quarterly basis with better than 90% accuracy.

To keep customers longer and simplify the sales process, Peak41 designed and implemented automated renewal processes that saved each rep 5 hours on average per year which could be spent instead on acquisition and growth. 

Peak41 also unlocked improved sales performance through custom leadership dashboards showing sales performance metrics such as closed won business, new and renewal business, pipeline, pipeline stages, and leads and sales activity at the individual, team and company level. This helped implement quotas and forecasting to drive informed goal-setting.

On the service side, Peak41 created dashboards to show customer service rep case assignments, total cases, average case load, average close time of cases, and other service metrics to provide service leaders with an accurate view of current service performance. Additionally, we created custom processes to track the implementation process of the software services School Improvement Network sold to their education system customers.

These activities combined to made it possible to improve ROI from Salesforce and more effectively manage the business. 

From the Client:

“Trent was able to bring order to chaos in the company’s system. He turned a tool that was underutilized and cumbersome into one that is now simplified and personalized for the needs of the organization.”

Michelle Fisher
Vice President Operations, School Improvement Network

“His positive attitude, thoughtful approach and trustworthy nature help those around him feel comfortable and valued. Trent’s disarming demeanor and intelligence allow him to provide solid leadership and encourage collaboration.

Jonathan Doney
Senior Vice President of Sales, School Improvement Network

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How We Did It:

For four years, Peak41 has worked with a large client in the financial services industry that has over 500 Salesforce users.

Working closely with the Sales Leadership team Peak41 optimized the account and contact relationships to meet client needs. Peak41 customized the Salesforce contact page to give a quick view into client history due to the complexity of working with multiple reps and long histories.

Peak41 also implemented Salesforce for Outlook to seamlessly create a history of email interactions in Salesforce while also syncing calendars and allowing easy scheduling of meetings. 

These features that Peak41 trained staff on saved data entry time, reduced dropped balls, and otherwise simplified operations.

To track sales reps and clients’ goals, Peak41 customized Salesforce to report on goals and progression on the fly. This increased goal-setting efficiency and helped achieve more goals while transitioning from an archaic Excel-based system. 

A large client with 10,000 customer-service cases benefitted from Peak41’s expertise with a customized Salesforce flow to create, track, and resolve support cases efficiently and effectively. This was formerly done in a cumbersome Outlook-based system. 

Custom dashboards also helped distribute workload, decrease time to close cases, and offer insights into other key service metrics. Customers generally reported higher satisfaction with support. 

To meet specific needs of the client multiple separate apps were created in Salesforce for sales, service, data entry, and other groups within the client’s operations teams. 

Peak41’s efforts improved business processes through key customizations.